[laɪn] noun I
1) [C] a long thin mark on the surface of something
Draw a straight line.[/ex]
The replay showed the ball had crossed the line.[/ex]
2) [C] a row of people or things
a line of palm trees[/ex]
3) [C] a thin mark on someone's skin that appears especially as they get older
4) [C] a series of words in a book, song, play etc
The actors kept forgetting their lines.[/ex]
a line of poetry[/ex]
5) [C] a piece of string, rope, or wire used for a particular purpose
a washing line[/ex]
6) [C] a telephone connection or service
an advice line[/ex]
It's a very bad line – I'll call you back.[/ex]
7) [C] a part of a railway system
the London to Brighton line[/ex]
8) [C] the direction or path along which someone or something moves or looks
He was so drunk he couldn't walk in a straight line.[/ex]
9) [C] a series of people or events that are connected
the latest in a long line of scandals[/ex]
10) [C] an imaginary limit or border between two situations or conditions
There is a fine line between helping and interfering.[/ex]
11) [C] a way of thinking, talking, or finding out about something
a persuasive line of argument[/ex]
The government is taking a hard line on street crime (= dealing with it firmly).[/ex]
12) [C/U] a queue of people waiting for something
We stood in line for an hour.[/ex]
along the lines of — similar to, or based on[/ex]
an ad campaign along the lines of the one we did last year[/ex]
along similar/different/the same lines — in a way that is similar/different/the same[/ex]
be in line for sth — to be likely to receive something[/ex]
bring sb/sth into line — to make someone or something similar to another person or thing[/ex]
The new ruling brings this country into line with the rest of Europe.[/ex]
down the line — at a later stage in a process[/ex]
The situation will be very different two months down the line.[/ex]
in/out of line with — 1) similar to/different from someone or something[/ex]
The costs were very much in line with what we expected.[/ex]

— 2) changing/not changing in the same way as another thing

The increase in pay is in line with the cost of living.[/ex]
on line — connected to a computer system or to the Internet→ online[/ex]
on the line — 1) at risk[/ex]
His job could be on the line if results do not improve.[/ex]

— 2) on the telephone

We have a caller on the line from California.[/ex]
out of line — behaving in a way that other people do not approve of[/ex]
That comment was way out of line.[/ex]
verb [T]
line [laɪn]
1) to cover the inside of something with a layer of something else
Line the baking tray with greaseproof paper.[/ex]
He wore a black coat lined with dark grey silk.[/ex]
2) to form rows along the sides of something
Crowds lined the streets to watch the parade.[/ex]
line your pocket s — to obtain money, especially by acting dishonestly[/ex]
- line (sb/sth) up
- line sth up

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